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These are unusual times and my email, various timelines and DM’s are full of examples of people being kind, and unfortunately, not so kind. Businesses especially are under the kind of pressure that no one could ever imagine. It is increasingly becoming obvious to me that two types of business are evolving, the type that is trying to communicate properly with their staff, trying to do what they can to look after their employees, trying to ensure that everyone gets as good a shot as they can to keep heads above water.

I am also hearing of the other type though, not only through the mediums already mentioned, but through personal, direct knowledge. These are the ones who’s instinct is to look after themselves first, who send cold, unsympathetic letters of instant dismissal and are using the current crisis to encourage an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in order to satisfy their own ends, though it is beyond me what those ends could be beyond a certifiable personality disorder. As a business owner several times during my life, whatever success I may have enjoyed was far less down to me and almost entirely because of the people working for me. Any business owner (apart from the micro businesses with very few or no staff and are experiencing their own considerable stress) who doesn’t put the wellbeing of their employees front and centre , is being so short sighted I hope they are not allowed out without a service dog.

Like everyone else, I have no clue when this crisis is going to come to an end, but what I am certain of is that it will come to an end. When it does, people are going to remember how they were treated as employees, freelancers with regular contracts, and how members of their family have been treated. I for one will be very interested in the behaviour of companies during this time before I choose to do business with them.

In recent years I have always tried to support the smaller business, and I attempt to be careful about what I buy and from where. Once this is all over, I will be even more careful, expecially where I shop, which hospitality chains I use, and who I choose to travel or fly with. Hopefully, I won’t be alone in this and those businesses who are putting their staff at the back of the priority list when they should be at the top of the list will reap a poor long term harvest from the very poor quality seed planting they are engaing in now.

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    Lorna here from @Zest2Rec. Doesn’t matter about the layout, it’s the words that matter! I shall def be following you!

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