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Over the last 30 odd years, the majority of the work undertaken was for people who didn’t quite fit the standard criteria for a lot of lenders or insurance companies. While no longer active in giving front line advice, I do think it would be a waste if everything learnt was just put in a virtual drawer and forgotten. That’s how the idea of the Bespoke Introductory Service was born.

It’s a straightforward idea. Complete the form below, it has a big section for free text so you can write what you want how you want, and after acknowledging it we will pass it on to people who we think stand the best chance of helping you.

Whether you have one or more of the many issues that can make getting a mortgage difficult, insuring a business, raising commercial finance or almost any subject if it involves finance, why not drop us a line. The service is free and we promise that whoever we pass it on to, they will be human, qualified and want to try and help – and even if they can’t, they will take the time to explain why!

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