A Bit About Us

Hi, and Welcome!

I think financial products should be easy to understand, but as I started to get bank accounts, insurance and deal with my own financial needs, I found myself still relying on others to explain stuff to me. I had the idea of this site after asking my dad yet again what something actually meant. It started out as a blog to give simple explanations to words and terms used by banks, insurance companies and similar. We still do that, but as the site has grown, I have included some carefully selected affiliate links, as well as a introducers service for anyone that wants help finding answers to their own mortgage,commercial loan and insurance needs.


It's not just doctors who are constantly asked about ailments when they are out socialising, retired brokers are also asked about mortgages and insurance when they reveal their previous career at parties! The purpose of this site is just to explain some of the terms and language used in the financial world as well as to stress the importance of asking questions and making sure you understand something before you buy. You won't find any product specific advice or recommendations here, but I really hope what you will find will help you discover the questions you should ask, as well as assist you in understanding the answers you will be given!

How We Fund The Site

From the beginnings of a hobby blog, TheRetiredBroker has grown into something of a full time job. It didn’t start out that way but we are delighted it has! With it has come the inevitability of expenses required to keep it going. We knew that we had to find a way of making the site pay, but were adamant that we did not want to plaster it with loads of adverts or jump into bed with anybody who wanted to pay us for recommending them.

After a lot of thought we have gone down two routes. On the one hand we have used a few affiliate links on the site. These are links that you can click on and you will be taken to their site where you may then wish (or not wish!) to buy something from them. We may or may not get a small payment from them if you do and are happy to answer any questions about these affiliate links that you may have.

The second thing we have done is a little more personal and, we think, intended to be a whole lot more helpful. We call it a Bespoke Introductory Service. It is a simple idea whereby if you have a specific need, say a non – standard mortgage due to self employed issues, you can just write your question down in your own way using this form and we will pass it on to someone we think may be able to help you. It costs you nothing to ask, and if whoever we pass your enquiry on to is successful in helping you, we will get a small fee for introducing you to them.

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