Shop Around to Save Money on Your Bills

ITV News has published an article showing the rise in household bills increasing by over £200 in the last year. Average costs are shown as:

Average cost of bills for 2016 / 2015:

  • Energy: £1,383.59 / £1,289.36
  • Home: £140.58 / £135.46
  • Car: £691.85 / £595.06
  • Total: £2,216.02 / £2,019.88

These figures almost certainly include people who should be shopping around but are not. Last year, a member of my family paid £320 for her car insurance after searching around the comparison sites, the renewal came in this week at £350. Another search of the comparison sites found a quote for £148. That company was way off the mark last year, but they have obviously changed their pricing policy since (and yes…the cover is the same).

Read the full ITV article here, it’s not comfortable reading but very important reading, especially if it kicks you into shopping around. make 2017 the year when you take back a little control of your spending!

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